Larry Pierce is a comedic-country music singer who specializes in songs with raunchy lyrics. He's known in the business
as "The Master of Dirty Country Music," and has quietly been building a following of dedicated fans since 1993.

   Born Larry G. Pierce on July 18, 1950, and has lived most of his life in the small Central Indiana town of Middletown and
has been married to his wife Sandy since June 17, 1982, and has three children. Pierce worked in an auto parts factory for
over 30 years until being forced into retirement due to plant closure.

   Larry wrote his first dirty song "Love Letters" as kind of a joke, playing guitar and entertaining friends on the weekend.
Then in 1993, someone submitted some of his songs to Laughing Hyena Entertainment, a label that specializes in truck stop
comedy  and distributes almost exclusively at truck stops across the country.  Ten years and thirteen albums later, he was
approached by an independent film company from New York City (Milkhouse Productions) to do a full length documentary
on his life and career as a dirty country singer (Dirty Country Movie--The Larry Pierce Story).  Then in 2005 was approached
by a raunchy touring rock band from Colorado Springs (-itis) to do a live show with them in Minneapolis, and has since
traveled the country and done several live shows with them. Pierce then recorded his fourteenth album (Pussywhipped) on
a new private label with his newfound band and announced the release on The Howard Stern Show 1/9/07.  Since then,
Pierce has become somewhat of a regular on Howard’s show, including phone-in’s and live appearances, while his music is
often played coming in and out of radio breaks.

Pierce made another appearance on The Howard Stern Show on November 14th, 2007 to promote the premiere of "Dirty
Country Movie" in Manhattan. That same night, Pierce did an unplugged acoustic set along with his band "-itis" onstage
at Arlene's Grocery in Manhattan. The show was recorded, mixed and released on CD in 2008. It was appropriately called
"Larry Pierce Unplugged LIVE In Manhattan."

In early 2009, Pierce returned to Colorado to record a new all original studio CD. This CD is called "Sick Minded Bastard"
and was released in mid 2009. Once again, Larry Pierce proves that he truly is "The Master of Dirty Country Music!"


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